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We also offer commercial service agreements to ensure that your business is protected and able to function when you need it. Whether you have purchased a generator from us or somewhere else, we will provide the service you need.

Commercial Generator Maintenance Plans


Inspect All Belts and Hoses

Change Oil and Oil Filter

Change Air Filter (Fall Service)

Inspect for Fluid Leaks

Check Antifreeze Level and pH

Check Output Voltage and Frequency

Inspect Transfer Switch

Test Full Power Transfer

Load Test Generator for 15 Min. at 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% Capacities

Will Repair Generator if Not Covered Under Any Type of Warranty*

If Unit Fails, CPI will Provide Service within 8 Hours of Initial Call

If Unit Fails, CPI will Provide Service within 4 Hours of Initial Call

If Unit Cannot Be Repaired a Rental Unit Will Be Provided**


Air Cooled (0-20KW)





Water Cooled (0-39KW)





Water Cooled (40KW-100KW)






Standard Labor Rates





Labor Rate for Service Above Normal Maintenance





*Repairs will be charged at standard labor rates.  No Guarantee on availability of parts needed on arrival at location.

**Rental and fuel charges apply, but no charge for labor or materials for rental hookup.

All Service Agreements are based on a 30 mile radius from Mount Airy, MD.  All agreements outside of this range will be charged an added fee of $2.50 per mile.

Please note that service will be provided every six months.  Prior notification of when a technician will be arriving will not be provided, however a door tag will be left to notify you that maintenance has been performed.

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